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The portal for 1031 exchange related information and empowerment. Plus, the best
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As an information portal we partnered with the best Qualified Intermediaries and facilitators who can execute for you at a high level.

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All of our Qualified Intermediary and facilitator Partners take the security of your exchange funds seriously; and their protocols prove it.

Crowdfunding Properties

You can buy whatever Replacement Property you want. But if necessary, we have access to investment grade properties for as little as $25,000.

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Our information team has completed tens of thousands of exchanges. If you need some quick answers, use their experience to your advantage.

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Why 1031 CLEARINGHOUSE should be your 1031 resource

Avoid These Pitfalls
Four keys for every 1031 Exchanger

1031 and DSTs
What every Exchanger should know

Our Services list

These are the types of services we and our our Partners offer for your benefit:

Deferred Exchanges

Phase One, Phase Two

These are the most common exchange in which you have 180 days to sell and acquire Replacement Property.

Reverse Exchanges

Exchange Last, Exchange First

There are times when you must acquire your Replacement Property before you sell your Relinquished. Not a problem.

Personal Property Exchanges

By asset class and SIC code

Any personal property asset held for investment or held for income qualifies to be exchanged under IRC Section 1031.

Delaware Statutory Trusts

For Accredited Investors

This is the new solution for many Exchangers. For as little as $25,000 you can exchange into a managed, cash flow generating investment.

Exchange Property Assessments

Relinquished and Replacement

Many Exchangers prefer to have us professionally assess the exchange they are anticipating as well as help locate Replacement Property.

Cost Segregation

Depreciation Schedule Realignment

With the completion of a cost segregation study you can accelerate your depreciation and get a tax rebate back from the IRS.

Short Form 1031 FAQ

A 1031 exchange is a transaction in which you sell one or more qualifying properties, meaning property you held for investment or held for income, and acquire one or more qualifying properties within a specific 180 day time frame, on a capital gain tax deferred basis.
You have a total exchange period of up to 180 days or the due date of your tax return. This means that if you are starting your transaction late in the year, you may have to file an extension to access the entire 180 day time period.
You determine your equity first by subtracting the debt on the property you will be relinquishing (selling) from the net sales price. Then you determine your gain by subtracting your cost basis (acquisition cost plus improvements, minus depreciation) from the net selling price.
You can defer all your capital gain in an exchange if you do two simple things. First buy a property which is equal or greater in cost than the property you are selling. Then secondly, move all your equity from the old property into the new Replacement Property.
Each individual facilitator or Qualified Intermediary has relationships with banks which can suitable ensure the safety of your funds. Ask each facilitator about their funds security protocols and they will tell you. Some even use Qualified Escrow Accounts.
Absolutely. However, since the 45 day identification time period moves quickly, we encourage you to start looking for potential Replacement Properties as early as possible. However, if you are currently within your 45 day identification period, consider a Delaware Statutory Trust investment. It is available for as little as $25,000; but also qualifies under Section 1031 and provides cash flow from a professionally managed investment property.
Your exchange documents can be completed in a matter of 30 minutes. The facilitator simply needs your Form W-9 for the bank and all other information can be gleaned from your Closer.